About Shannon Bebout

Shannon brings his professional and entrepreneurial spirit and energy to ERA Dawson Bradford, having operated a successful painting business for 10 years and opened a property rental business with his wife Nichole in the Downeast Maine region. Shannon’s knowledge of the Hancock County area contributes significantly to building their property rental business.

Together Shannon and Nichole have worked to grow their business to be considered one of the top-rated property rental businesses in Hancock County. When he is not working, Shannon is a busy dad to six children. He enjoys spending time with his family in addition to camping and traveling when possible.

About Nichole Bebout

Nichole brings her enthusiasm and experience to ERA Dawson Bradford. She was born and raised in the thriving coastal town of Blue Hill, in the Downeast region of Maine. Nichole’s father owned and operated a successful real estate agency in Blue Hill for many years, so pursuing a career in the field came naturally.

Prior to owning her current property rental business, she earned her degree in elementary school education and worked with children for 3 years. She joins ERA Dawson Bradford with her husband, Shannon, who together have six children. Nichole likes to spend her spare time with her family, her furry and feathered barnyard animals, and camping and traveling when possible.